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Our name comes from ancient Christian scriptures.
Mathew chapter 5

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How in the world did a former vegan and an outdoorsman come together and become PURE-fed livestock farmers? We were sick of the terrible meat being sold in stores. We knew all too much about factory farming and decided if we were going to eat meat we better grow our own. We found that our community wanted ethical and healthy meat, too. Salt and Light Heritage Farm was born. We live by some basic principles and we don't waiver.

We believe in working within the delicate balance that our creator, the first gardener, created.

All life is precious.

Our land, water, air is treasured.

Our animals are respected

​We don't use any pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, GMO's, hormones or other weird stuff.

​Every animal we raise is given space, fresh air, pasture, woods, and nutritious 100% PURE-feed. You are what you eat eats!

From that amazing beauty we reap healthy, life sustaining, bounty in harmony with the land that sustains us.

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Thank you for letting us get to know you a little bit. We love our customers and really really care about what you need. I hope that your experience with us is totally delightful. - Ron and Leah...and the kids.

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