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Fluffy Spring Babies in Two Harbors

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

We are busting with cuteness around the farm. Our meat chicks have hatched and are growing like crazy.

Week one- So far they've DOUBLED in weight on PURE-fed grains, fresh ground produce, farm-sourced protein supplement, micro- greens and pro-biotics.

Before long they will be foraging in the grass!

Learn why its so important what they eat.


It's 90 F in the newborn chick run thanks to the wood fire and gas brooder!

And thanks to a handy husband.


We are committed to to feed our community.

We are working on making our farm more sustainable every single day.

We plan to bless you with healthy food no matter the crisis.


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Coming Next Week - FARM CONTEST!

Let's have a little fun with this.

Sneak peak.... You're going to guess the number of piglets for a chance to WIN.

I'll e-mail the details next week. Till then- Happy Spring! :) --Leah

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