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Whole Chicken 4-6LBS per bird


20LB BOX @ $5.89/lb


This year we have whole (cornish cross) chickens from our friends at Nelson Grass Farm. They feed transitional organic grains and are pasture raised.


We love chickens around here and they love foraging on our farm. We argue they make healthier and tastier meat because they are free to browse and scratch for whatever they need. Our chickens diet includes grass, bugs, pure-fed bread scraps, PURE-fed sprouted grain, PURE-fed veggies, and whatever is small enough for them to catch. No GMO'S, no persticides, NEVER anything weird! In accordance with nature our animals live happy, healthy lives.

20LB PURE-fed Chicken- WHOLE ONLY

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1 Pound
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  • Pick-up at farm.

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