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A NEW YEAR full of promise

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

  • We finally have our new uncured and 100% PURE- fed beef products in stock. A nice uncured array box just added to the store includes our new skinless wieners, summer sausage and snack sticks. So pure and healthy. We've been enjoying them around here!

  • We only have two 20LB boxes of our pasture raised and pure-fed chicken left in stock from our November butcher.

  • We NEED YOU! We are trying to decide if we should certify our farm with the USDA as a "Certified Organic" farm. It requires significant paperwork, but the thought is that it would help with marketing by improving our packaging/labeling by being able to say what we already do. Of course the product would stay exactly the same. Will you please email with your thoughts? Even a short, yes or no will help us as we weigh our options.

On the Farm... Our word for 2022 is patience. And its not always easy. I like things... NOW. We have a vision for our farm and we are eager to see all the dreams come to fruition. They are good dreams full of abundance for our community and lots more of the farming we already love deeply and do well. We feel in order to fulfill our mission on the farm we need to be totally debt free. So, we've put serious sweat equity into accomplishing that goal this summer. We are very proud of the farm-sourced, hand pealed, hand scribed cabin we built and are trying to sell. When we are able to sell it, we'll be one step closer to scaling up the farm! It took us all summer under the expert guidance, instruction, and man power of my brother, Luke, who is a master craftsman (He built Its been pretty awesome, to say the least, to learn from him.

We've been learning to safely use horses at Wild Angels Stables. One day, to have draft power on the farm, feels like a dream. A very very good dream.

Find our products Cook County Whole Foods coop Finland Cooperative Louise'S Place Cafe + Pantry Provisions We would like to add two more organic minded stores/ restaurants to our wholesale buyers in 2022. Have ideas of who would be interested in our products?-- Please let Leah know!

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