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Downtown meat

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

March Farm Updates

By Leah Bailey

Our meat is now Downtown Two Harbors, MINNESOTA! Your favorite neighborhood store, Louise’s Place, is now stocked up with our PURE-fed beef. Get ground beef, perfect dinner steaks(Rib and Sirloin), beefy soup bones and roasts. Visit Louise’s place (19 Waterfront Drive Two Harbors, MN). They stock our meat along with organic cheese, You Betcha local sauerkraut, organic bbq sauces, pasta,… the list goes on and on!

More than ever working with Dan and Marsha of Louises Place has me inspired.

If we work together our local food economy will be robust and immune to the brittle, volatile, global food system.

It might not look awake yet, but our maple forest has sprung from white winters slumber. So it’s with

great confidence I bid to you a very very very happy spring! It’s no secret that the way to enjoy maple water is before it’s boiled into syrup. Best fresh from the tree Ron says. Packed with zippy electrolytes and minerals brought up from roots deep in glacial till. The paramount health drink. Our kids beg me all winter for maple water and now it’s here trickling freely from our trees. After the maple, comes birch water. Such simple pleasures dazzle me.

Chicken pre-ordering is open NOW.

Hop over to and reserve your summer chickens. FYI—last year we sold out before we went to butcher. Don’t know how many to order? There are 52 weeks in a year. If you have 1 delicious chicken per week… that’s 260lbs! We only raise our meat birds during the summer months because we believe in pasturing our birds for your optimal health. Read the science behind it below.

Meat birds are better FACTS
Download DOCX • 1.21MB

Before we were farmers we grew exasperated searching for 100% PURE-fed and pastured chicken. It’s like seeking the Loch Ness Monster.

Beef- Same week delivery on any beef order.

As always we offer totally free delivery Duluth to Two Harbors, and up the shore.

In an effort to sell more of our beef I’d like to float an idea to you, our farm friends. Ever thought of sending a gift to a loved one in Minnesota or Northern WI? How about one of our premium beef boxes, or steak sampler! We use dry ice, an insulated cooler system and will ship anywhere in Minnesota and Northern WI.

With joy, Your Farmers- The Bailey Family

If you like what we are up to please share our farm with your friends and family.



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