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Not Frozen February Update

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

February Farm Updates

By Leah Bailey

We got an interesting call this morning. It was from a local TV station asking how farmers, and our livestock are dealing with the cold weather. They are working on a new story and it got me thinking... here we are in the far north farming to the best of our abilities. Its not just winter that makes things difficult. We don't have 6 feet of top soil laid down by bison in the great-plains, nor do we have unlimited growing season for year-round grazing as they do in the tropics. The hurdles we have make farming in Northern Minnesota feel like were doing a special dance on the edge of possible. It doesn't discourage me to wake to -35. I trudge out with joy. In the next couple weeks our vast Maple forest will start to trickle with a gift from God... Yes its only going to be a couple more weeks. I am missing community. I feel like we should have a farm tour late this spring. We didn't do anything with our community last year. Do you have any thoughts on a spring or summer farm tour? Would you come? Thank you for saying "you are valuable to us" with your wallet. It allows our farm to grow sustainably. With joy, your farmer Leah

Here are a few pictures to warm up your February. It won't be long.

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