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Eat 50% local on the North Shore!

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Over here at Salt and Light Heritage Farms, we know it can be hard to find extra money in your pockets.

This unique initiative says instead of spending MORE, you simply divert 50% of your normal grocery budget and use that to buy locally produced products.

The other 50%? Savor the exotic favors from around the world!

Together with our neighboring farmers we make way more food for local consumption than you might know. Think that is great???... Buy 50% local and you'll see EVEN MORE options as our local economy THRIVES.

Check out theses amazing maps and list to find farmers growing and making all sorts of delicious, healthy food in the Northland.

Are you a farmer, business owner, or individual who would like to pass out beautiful 50% pledge cards? Visit and write us a note in the subscription box. We will get cards to you right away!

Interested in buying meat from OUR FARM? We are sold out till late spring 2020! Get on our Wait List, and subscribe so you never miss out on PURE-fed forest-raised meats, compost, and live plants. We guarantee you'll never want to go back to commercial meat after seeing the light.

Leah bailey

Two Harbors, MN

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