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Fall Farm Updates

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

By Leah Bailey

Over here at Salt and Light Heritage Farm we have been having SO MUCH FUN providing food for our beloved community. Pre-order is OPEN FOR Beef and Turkey.

PURE-fed grain finished Beef November delivery

Forest raised, PURE-fed, free range Turkey November delivery

  • Leah is currently testing back-yard compostable packaging options for our frozen berries, and meats. Tired of all the plastic? WE ARE TOO. Stay tuned for exciting developments in our new eco-packaging. We are hopeful that we'll have new packaging for our meats this fall.

  • Thanks to Whole Foods Co-op! We get waste produce to feed our animals. Its a great partnership! Check out the video of our pigs on their social media

  • We won a grant to promote local farmers & NUTRIENT DENSE FOOD in Northern Minnesota. 5,000 mailers will be sent in the next month. If you are a Two Harbors resident, you'll likely get one. That being said-- if you want our pure-fed meat this fall and would be a really good time to pre-order. We will likely sell out again very quickly.

  • We just finished harvesting Black Currants and Aronia berries from our nursery. Presently we have an abundance (think many many hundreds of pounds) of frozen berries. We hope to sell in bulk, or to retail establishments. We'll need to make this happen before November, or we won't have room in our freezers for the next round of butchering. Any ideas? :)

  • Grocery delivery business is going well! We offer 3X week delivery from Super One Foods in Two Harbors, MN to customers who reside within 5 miles of Two Harbors. Wondering how that it works? I tell customers to "write a list for me like you'd write for your husband". Its that easy! Find more about grocery delivery HERE. 

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