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November Farm Updates

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

By Leah Bailey

Over here at Salt and Light Heritage Farm we are feeling hopeful for a beautiful winter season. The animals are tucked away in their winter areas. They are getting extra bedding this week and seem to relish it. Early to bed these days. The only animals not quite ready are the pigs who moved back to the barn yard where they were born. They still want to be tilling the garden for me. Its covered in a foot of snow now but they keep going back to it. Its alright with me except that the fence keeps shorting out on the snow and the pigs go squealing with delight down the driveway. They make the short loop and come right back. Its amusing unless you are responsible for keeping them out of the wolf's wide way. Which bring me to the fact that we officially have a wolf problem. He and his friends (all five or so according to my game cameras and snow prints) have been visiting in the long stary nights. The animals are all safe and warm, but the threat remains. They'll be getting mighty hungry without any deer around here this year. So, we have a friend coming to help us. His name is Pal and he is a Livestock Guardian Dog. The breed is from Bulgaria. He'll be getting trained up in the next year or so and will help act as a deterrent to our wolf and too friendly fox friends. I'll soon send pictures along as he is scheduled to join our team this week. I sent a press release to the local newspapers to showcase a new wholesale product we developed to deal with the glut of berries we harvested from our nursery this year. Our freezers were overflowing and we needed to move product to make room for meat. The Whole Foods co-op in Duluth is now stocking our frozen Aronia and Black Currant packs that are in 100% compostable packaging. Thank them for supporting local farmers. We've officially sold out of Turkey for Thanksgiving. We'll be butchering the ones who are ready for delivery this week. That will fill our orders. Its bitter sweet. We have more growing up for Christmas. They best ones are held back from butchering to live happily having their own babies on the farm. We grow Heritage birds so they can do that. Not at all like commercial operations. Our premium beef boxes are almost out-of stock. Plenty of ground beef though! I am thinking of adding a mixed roast and ground beef box to our store. Wow, we sure do have plenty to thank God for around here. Thank you for being on this journey with us. It means the world to us.

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